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Welcome to SneakersPictures!

This site is for sneakers fanatics! If you are one of us, who loves sneakers- share your passion with many others, showing your very first sneakers..., or your favorites..., or most expensive :)..., or your collection...

Show the world your passion or obsession... Even if you have a sneakers disorder ( I heard this expression from one TV Show), we will not judge you. We love to share.

And it is simple. Browse your images and story and it will be seen around the world!

I am not a sneakers expert. I see sneakers as a very important urban part of our lifes in the 21 century. I see it as a fashion... Why we don't have Runaways of sneakers? Some would say, there are thousands of models... Yes, there are. But there are thousands of fashion labels and fashion designers as well. And... like in the Fashion World there are people behind an every model - there are Companies, producing sneakers, scientists, manufacturies and... very talanted designers- millions have been wearing their creations of High Fashion around the Globe!

I would like to know they names! Do you?

Let's make a history of sneakers, what do you think about it? Share with us your knowledges, your ideas, dreams (related to sneakers only!)

Elena Bernovskaya,

President sneakerspictures.com

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